Problem or Life-Changing Opportunity?

We like to run from problems. Flee from bad news. We step away from pain because it is uncomfortable. I mean who in their right mind really enjoys pain? Our culture does not help things and tells us that we should NEVER be uncomfortable. Heaven forbid we endure a little pain.

What if that problem or that bad news or that pain was actually an opportunity for us to grow like we have never grown before?

What if instead of whining, complaining or feeling sorry for ourselves, we instead chose to allow pain to shape and mold and change us?

What if the problem wasn’t the problem, but it is the way we are looking at the problem?

You see the problem?

What if changing our reaction to whatever bad has happened in our life could change the rest of our life and the lives of those around us? What if it was a life-changing opportunity and we missed it because we were too busy pouting about it?

You decide. Love to hear about your experiences and reactions to them!

5 Things All Wives Wants From Husbands

Relationships are funny and there are lots of things men just don’t understand (how the pillows on the bed multiply every year, why you can’t use the conveniently located nice towels hanging in the bath room, etc.). To try to get into my wife‘s head and perhaps provide some perspective for the rest of us guys (especially the Hopeless Husbands), I asked her if I could interview her for this blog. The result was 5 Things Every Wife Wants From Her Husband. Ready? Here…we…go…

Me: Can I ask you some questions about what wives want from husbands?
Macy: Are you asking for readers or for your own benefit?
Me: Um…for the blog readers I guess. But I’m curious too!
Macy: Ok. What would you like to know?
Me: I want to know this: What do wives really want from their husbands?

Focused attention
Macy: Attention
Me: I’m sorry, did you say something?
Macy: Haha.
Me: Yes attention, go on (Ron Burgandy voice from Anchorman).
Macy: Yes, wives women want focused attention, emotional attention. We need an equal amount or more of what’s given to other things like work or social media (hint for me). Not just being physically there, but emotionally there. Being physically there and not emotionally there is almost worse than being there all together.
Me: Ok, that was a good one, what else?

Do the little things.
Macy: Do things around the house. Do the little things.
Me: What kind of things around the house?
Macy: Anything. As a way of showing you appreciate who she is and what she does on a regular basis. Helping her on the things she does is just a small part. Then, do things that are man things- like mowing and stuff. Find out what is important to her and serve her in that way.
Me: And squashing bugs?
Macy: Yeah women take a lot of pride in their home and want husbands to respect that. I even appreciate things like you bringing me coffee and cereal in bed. That is my love language. No matter how small things are. Do the little things.
Me (in my head): Score. Great answer.

Me: Ok, what else do wives want besides attention and doing little things around the house?
Macy: Leadership- being the compass for the family as a whole- giving direction, setting goals, initiative, instead of letting the chips fall wherever.  Yes, we want to speak into the process of course, but ultimately we are looking for real leadership. Wives want husbands to know what direction they want their family to go. They want to be heading towards that direction. Also, wives want husbands to be setting expectations for the family, for the kids- giving everyone an idea of what you expect from them.
Me: Ok, check. Wives want leadership from their husbands. What else?

To be spoiled every now and then
Macy: To be spoiled every now and then.
Me: Why is that important?
Macy: Because it makes her feel special and loved- that she’s worthy of being spoiled. A lot of guys do special stuff when dating, then when they are married they don’t do anything out of the norm. When you spoil her every now and then, it just makes her feel special. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something with put thought into it.
Me: Like what?
Macy: Planning a special date or day with the two of you or with the family, or just planning something special just for her to do alone.
Me: Ok, thanks for the tip. What else do wives want from their husbands?

Macy: Security
Me: Like financial security?
Macy: Yeah, that is important and some men thinking about getting married don’t understand the responsibility of providing for a family. So financial security is important. But really, I’m thinking of a different kind of security.
Me: Like me going ninja on someone?
Macy: Haha, no really just knowing that you’ll always be there.
Me: Wow, that is a good one. Yep, you are stuck with me.
Macy: Good! And I wouldn’t mind if you went ninja on someone for me either.
Me: Ok, security and ninja skills. Got it, anything else?
Macy: I think in a way it ties together with leadership. In the way that she knows the husband has someone of a direction, the women needs to know he will always be there, regardless of how things go or how he feels.

Me: Ok, explain something here. What is the difference for the women when she has that sense of trust?
Macy: When the man is secure in himself, that gives the woman a sense of security. Like when he knows who he is.
Me: Yes go on (again Ron Burgandy voice).
Macy: Well, if he doesn’t know who he is or where he is headed, it gives her a feeling of insecurity. There have been times in our lives, where you didn’t know what you would be doing- but you knew who you were- a man with a strong spiritual direction. I was secure in the fact that you weren’t going to do anything that didn’t make spiritual sense.
Me: Like when?
Macy: I knew the day you called me and said you were dropping out of graduate school that our life together was going look a lot different than what I had grown up with (a dad that worked for the same company his whole life). But still, I knew you would follow the direction of your Creator. That is security.

Other stuff
Me: Ok, thanks these are great.
Macy: Wait, I have one more.
Me: Um, we’re good here. This is enough for men to work on for the next ten years.
Macy: But this one is really important.
Me: Ok, even though the post is 5 Things All Wives Want, Not 6 Things, We’ll take one more.
Macy: Listening is always a good thing…. it’s pretty important.
Me: What did you say?
Macy: Hahaha
Me: Ok, lets do another interview about listening. I’ve gotten better at listening though right?
Macy: Sometimes…

Me: Ok, last request- can you like this on Facebook at the bottom of the post or share it with your friends at the top of the post?
Macy: That depends how good it is. I only post things I believe in…

Ok ladies, your turn- is Macy on target? Which of these can you elaborate on? What are other things that wives want from their husband? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Fighting For Our Kids

Off I adventured with my three & six-year-old daughters across to the school and entered in the fenced in playground area. As we walked through the gate, something seemed off.

We were not alone.

My fatherly instincts perked up as I quickly noticed two full-sized german shepherd dogs at the back of the playground area running around and barking. These were really large animals. My youngest daughter got excited, “Aw, puppies!” I had a very different response. Although I know german shepherds are intelligent dogs that are often well trained, I have heard enough stories of german shepherds biting or attacking kids that my mind would not rest knowing they were just a few feet away from my two little girls.

No sooner than we realized they were there, both dogs began a full sprint right my girls. I felt like the kid on Dances With Wolves that was being charged head on by a wild buffalo as Kevin Costner’s character stood by trying to decide what to do.

I was holding on to them and basically tossed both girls up on a piece of play ground equipment. I then stepped in between the girls and these approaching dogs. I’m not sure what my plan was from there. Karate kid?  Nonetheless, I was prepared to do anything I needed to do to fight for my daughters. As the dogs closed in on us, we heard a voice from across the playground as their owner suddenly  appeared and called them off. They actually looked pretty friendly as she put them back on their leashes, but I wasn’t taking any chances that day.

We played for awhile, longer than agreed upon and I sort of got lost in the moment. We were three kids on the playground playing chase and monster and testing out every piece of playground equipment as fast as we could. On the way home, we hit up a honeysuckle patch by our house.

Later that night as I thought about those dogs, and I thought about all the things that will be coming at these girls in the coming years. All the negative influences in our culture and even the normal things about growing up as a kid. I thought about being a parent and a father in a youth culture that is totally saturated with violence, abuse, hate, and often over-sexualization of everything.

I thought about whether or not we are ready to fight for our kids. The sad truth is that a lot of parents aren’t willing to fight.

5 Things All Wives Want From Husbands

A lot of fathers are simply unwilling to step in between the approaching threats towards their kids. It is too inconvenient. Many men are too pre-occupied with their careers or their own emotional issues. Men are so preoccupied keeping up with our culture that they aren’t keeping up with their kids. It would be just like if those HUGE dogs were charging at my girls and I simply stepped out of the way and gave them full access. No father would do that right?

But that is exactly what thousands of fathers in our country do every day with their kids. The old side-step. Heck, I am FAR from perfect and even do it sometimes without thinking about it.

The result are tons of kids that don’t receive the love and affection of their fathers or sometimes of their mothers or many times both. They spend their entire teenage years looking for that attention and will do ANYTHING to find it. These young people build their future on a foundation of empty lies, broken promises and unhealthy coping mechanisms that result in a life time of brokenness, missed opportunities and un-fulfilled potential with their lives.

All because dad wouldn’t step out in front and fight.

I’ll be honest, it is scary when you don’t know how to lead your family or lead your kids. It is scary to be a single parent trying to fill the shoes that have been left by someone else. I can imagine it is tough as well to re-marry and help raise kids from another relationship or marriage. No matter what the situation as a parent, it is intimidating when you are not real sure where to start or what you’ll do. That is how I felt when those dogs charged at my girls that day.

I did not have a plan, but here is the important thing.

I decided to fight anyway.

Sometimes, that is what parents have to do. It is what leaders have to do. We fight doing the best we can.

So men, are we ready to fight? Ladies, how about you? Don’t be naive. The fight is coming. Are you ready?

I don’t know about you, but I am going to fight for my daughters with every scrappy bone on my body. I am going to be intentional about the time we spend together, the values we hold as a family, the love we have for other people and the future we build together. I am going to build as close of a relationship with our girls as possible.

It may not be the perfect plan, but we are going to give it our best shot.

We are going to fight!

Why do think so many fathers step out of the way and chose not to fight? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

How 20 Church Pews Changed My Life

pewse.piph.a.ny [i piff anee]- sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence.

It was October, right after September 11th, 2001. I had just dropped out of cemetery, I mean seminary, and was down to my last $1,000 in savings. I was jobless and was sleeping on some friends’ couch in Fort Worth, TX when I had an epiphany. I remembered some old church pews I’d seen the summer before in an old church warehouse downtown. I thought to myself, “What if I bought them, cut them down and re-sold them for people to put in their homes or on their front porch?”

I called the guy that ran the old inner city church and kindly suggested, “I would be happy to take those nasty old church pews off your hands and clear your storage area out.” After some thought, he said, “I tell you what Chad, I’ll take $1,000 for them.” I literally cleaned out my bank account and went and picked them up that day. I had no tools, no supplies, no place to put 20, 10 foot nasty, pink church pews. The decision to buy those pews that day proved to be the craziest, but best decision I had ever made at that point in my life.

One year later, I had sold 40, 5 foot, beautifully refinished, antique church pews for anywhere from $250-400 a piece (you do the math….). I also added a wide variety of rebuilt and discarded furniture, antique accessories, and anything else I could think of that people would buy. Over the next six years, I expanded my business.  I would go on to build over 100 homes, start my own home building company, a multimillion dollar real estate business and find more opportunity before I was 30 than most people find in a lifetime. Why tell you this story? A few reasons. Below are a few things I learned as a result of taking a big chance. How 20 Nasty Church Pews Changed My Life:

1. Life is not as much about WHAT you are doing as it is about WHO you are becoming. During that year of joblessness, I interviewed with 20 different corporations and got 20 different “no’s” (even though I had a solid Accounting degree, high GPA and three high profile internships during college). Someone had different plans for my life. I learned that year that life wasn’t as much about my title or about what I was doing.  It was more about who I was becoming on the inside. Ten hours a day measuring, cutting, designing, sanding and painting did more for me as a young man than any corporate job could have ever provided. I spent a lot of time soul-searching, thinking praying and deciding WHO I really was.

So how about you? Could you be too concerned about WHAT you are doing right now and not as focused on WHO you are becoming? Think about it.

2. Opportunity often awaits if you will just open your eyes to see it! Hundreds of people worked around those nasty pews for years every weekend at that old inner city church. When I was desperate, I desperately racked my brain to try to think of a way I might be able to make some money (besides flipping burgers). My eyes were opened to see an opportunity! Desperation can lead to all sorts of creativity. Opportunity awaits when we open our eyes.

Are you desperate? Open your eyes and look around! You’ll never know what opportunity rests right under your eyes.

3. Rewards often await those who are willing to take risks. I literally gave everything I had for those silly pews, because I thought I could cut them down and sell them for a profit. The risk paid off and I was rewarded financially and in many other ways. The man who loaned me his barn encouraged me to get into the home building industry and later became my mentor and real estate broker. To this day, I am rewarded for the risk I took in all kinds of ways.

What risks are you willing to take? There are no guarantees, but reward could be waiting right around the corner!

4. Everyone wants to hear a good story. My pews were from an old church in Telephone, TX, and everyone that bought one was told the story of where they came from and how I found them. They were beautiful, but I believe it was the story behind them that truly engaging people. Everyone wants to hear a good story!

So what is your story? Is it engaging? Do you tell it? Is there a story behind what you are selling or are you just pushing product?

5. See the beautiful through the mess. Before I stripped the pink, flesh tone finish off, those pews were the ugliest things you had ever laid your eyes on. Not to mention, they were 10′ long and useless for any real purpose. I chopped them in half, knocked one end off and made something beautiful out of what was underneath. I saw through the mess.

What mess are you stuck with right now? Maybe it is a person. Maybe it is a situation. Can you see the beauty in it? Can you see through the madness and envision something inspiring?

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Fatherhood Manifesto

Fathers, guard well what has been given to you.
It is not your job to simply bring home the bacon.
It is not your job to simply make sure the lawn is mowed.
They don’t need your wallet, even though they will some day ask for it.
Security is important, but it is not everything.
What they need is different.
What they need can’t be purchased.
What they need is set apart.
What they need is you.
All of you.
The part that may be locked deep inside of you.
It is time to reach in and let it come out.
They need to see the real you.
Imperfections and all.
They need you.
They need to know you love them.
They need to see that you love them.
No matter what.
Even when they are bad.
That you will always love them.
That you love them so much that you will show them a different way.
Through your gentleness and respect.
Through your consistency.
Through discipline.
By being authentic.
By being all there.
By showing them the example that you’ve been called to show.
Even when it hurts.
And even when you don’t know how.
This is your job.
When the world tells you it is about buying their heart.
You will win it by a different method.
You will win them over with love.
And they will change the world because of you someday.
Now go live it.

Dads, what is the single greatest challenge you face as a father? Those that are not dads, what is something you’ve picked up about fatherhood that may help the rest of us?

Lone Ranger Christianity

Rewind Post: Lone Ranger Christianity- when a person tries to be a follower of Christ all on their own, without any authority, relationships or accountability.

I used to be a Lone Ranger Christian- set my own rules, played my own game. Yeehaaw! Sounds like fun, but even the Lone Ranger had Tonto by his side, watching his back, helping him out and kicking some serious tail! Before too long as a Lone Ranger Christian, I got my tail seriously kicked, over and over again. Sadly, I see a lot of people go through the same thing every day. Lone Ranger Christianity breeds all kinds of forms of faith, with no real limit or constraint other than one’s personal belief or opinion. It is a reality of the world we live in and a struggle for many of us.

What is the opposite of Lone Ranger Christianity? A phrase we hear alot of: Biblical community. I asked the question last week, “What is Biblical community?” & received great responses, thanks guys!

@MarcyMcConnell authenticity, growth, fruit/results

@NoStonesThrown the way the church is responding to Haiti and other needs. That’s biblical community.

@CFlemmingVisual A Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered network of interdependent nurturing relationships…

Josh Snead A living, thriving and selfless body of believers governed by The Word and seeking relationship with Him.

Hallie Arnold A Biblical Community is not just Reading and studying the Word together, but seeking it’s relevance in one another’s lives and holding each other accountable in doing as it commands!

It is interesting to see these truths evidenced through the Scriptures in the early church: “They committed themselves to the apostle’s teaching (Word/Christ-centered), the life together, the common meal (accountability & relationships), and prayer (receiving the Spirit). Acts 2:42. In verse 45, the writer says “they sold whatever they owned and pooled together their resources to meet needs.” (much like Haiti). In verse 47, he goes on to say that “Every day their number grew.” (growth, fruit, results)

Here is a great set of questions you can ask yourself to tell if you are a Lone Ranger Christian or not:

1. Do you have the Word of God in your life regularly, centering your life on who you believe has authority on your life (Christ as revealed through the Word) not your own opinions?

2. Do you have accountability, living life close enough with others to help you live the way you say you believe?

3. Do you have prayer in your life? This is the way God will empower your belief and help you to be who He has called you to be, through His Spirit.

4. Are you helping meet other’s needs because of your belief? This includes trusting God with your resources as you help meet these needs.

5. Are you seeing growth or “fruit” in your life as a result of what you believe? What is different in your life because of your relationship with Christ? Who is different in your life, because of Christ living through you? The Bible uses the example of trees without fruit, claiming fairly harsh consequences of trees without fruit.

If the answer to any of these is no, you may be some version of a Lone Ranger Christian! Without his Word, you have no authority in your life. Without relationships, you have no accountability. Without prayer, no have no source of connection or power. Without serving others or meeting other’s needs you have real love for others (yeah, I said it). Without others in your life helping you grow, you have no legs to your faith.

Don’t Be a Lone Ranger Christian! Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto! Ask God to give you the wisdom to see what you need to to do to leave the prairies and step into community. What can you do to take a step in the right direction? Who can you seek out? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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3 Things Your Wife Wants Today

I recently did an interview with my wife that gets more traffic than any other post on this blog (5 Things All Wives Want From Husbands). To date, the post gets more traffic that any other post on my blog. Maybe I should ask for her perspective more often! Men have such a different perspective, and it is often difficult for us to really know what our wives need. Here is what most men think when really need:

Put bread on the table.

Bring home that bacon baby. Period.

Nice try.

While stability & provision is obviously important in marriage and honorable as a husband and should not be overlooked, it certainly isn’t the only thing that wives need.

Here are 3 Things Your Wife Wants Today. She needs you to:

1. Set the spiritual pace. You don’t have to be a spiritual super star to lead your family spiritually. Be humble. Seek God. Put others before yourself and serve. Lead by example and set the pace for her. She wants you to help lead. It doesn’t mean you are at it alone, but you have to want to have a growing spiritual life. Ask God for help and go for it!

2. Build Emotional health. Do you know how she is doing emotionally? Is she tired? Discouraged? Lonely? Ask her and listen without trying to fix her and see what happens. Give her the time that she needs to have margin and health in her life.

3. Be the relational glue. Ask the question, “What are we doing to intentionally to relate to one another each day?” Share a meal together. Go for a walk. Go on a date. Put the phone down and just do something together where you are talking and listening. She needs this type of intimacy as much as you desire physical intimacy.

Here’s the deal. If you are waiting for her to set the spiritual, emotional and relational compass for your family, you are not really leading your family. Taking a passive, backseat approach is going to yield negative dividends down the road 100% of the time. It a losing investment! If you pulled money out of you banking account every day and never replenished the supply, you will eventually go broke. On the contrary, if you put in more than you take out over time, you will experience growth over a lifetime.

Marriage is the same way. You reap what you sow. Don’t wait until your kids are out of the house and you don’t even know each other! You will have an uphill battle at that point my friend and for many it is too late.

Ladies, what is missing here? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

You Were Made For Greatness

You were made for greatness.
It doesn’t matter where you were born.
What job you have or don’t have.
Where you did or didn’t go to school.
The color of your skin.
Or even what your last name is.

You truly were made for greatness.
Great things.
World changing things.
Things that change generations.
You were made for this.

Greatness comes not from blood lines
Or from complicated equations
Not does it come from certificates or qualifications

Greatness comes through us
Around us
And in us.

What is greatness?
I would say what matters 50-100 years from now.

Greatness is what we look up and see that remains after the headline of the week.
After the rise and fall of the economies.
Greatness doesn’t care about good days or bad days or in between days.
Instead it fixes its eyes beyond.

Greatness is when lives are changed through history.
When stories are made.
When pain is endured
And people hang through difficult circumstances.
And don’t give in.

It doesn’t matter what kind of house you live in.
Or you drive to get from point A to B.
Or the credit line at your finger tips.
Greatness is not limited by these things.

It is set free by hard work.
Greatness is released by faith in what is not always seen.
Greatness points not to oneself, but to something bigger than any one self.

We crave greatness even though we don’t know why.
We want to be apart or something bigger.
We were created this way.
To want to be sort of the bigger story.

We were created for greatness. Not the name brand kind.

We were created for kind of greatness that lays a life down for the good of someone later or something bigger.

The kind of greatness that asks for no acknowledgement, but rather responds in obedience.

This is what you were made for.
Not those other things.
The shiny things.
Not the good things.

The great things.
This is what you were made for.
You were made for greatness.

The Glass or The Mirror: The Ultimate Motive Test


There is an imaginary test you can use sometimes to determine your motives, whether you are trying to be the central character in God’s story or allowing him to take his proper place as the main character (with you in a supportive role). We’ll call it the mirror or the glass.

If I’m using the mirror, when people look at me or listen to me it is like I am holding a mirror up in front of my face. Instead of me getting all the attention, the mirror points back at them. I’m helping them gain a more accurate picture of themselves and in the process I’m helping them see themselves the way their Creator sees them.

With a lot people, the mirror is broken or fuzzy and the image they see is not really how God sees them. They need help getting the mirror (their self-awareness) in a more accurate state. Sometimes a question helps them get there. Sometimes just listening. Other times, offering perspective is helpful. Most of the time, just the relationship with that person over time can help them see themselves clearly and help grow more into who God designed them to be.

That is the mirror.

Then there is the glass.

The glass approach is when I’m in relationship with someone (any relationship- work, friends, family) and ultimately it is like I am holding up a sheet of glass and pointing towards myself. I am trying to be the central character. In my story and in their story. The glass approach to life and relationships is ultimately all about attention, affirmation and validation. The other person is trying to see themselves the way God sees them (the mirror), but instead we are holding up a giant sheet of glass, saying, “No, look at me. Notice me. Like me. Validate me.”

Reality is that we are broken ourselves and that we have a difficult time helping others when we are still empty inside. We hold up glass and the focus is on us, when instead the focus should be on them.

This is why people burn out in the business world. It’s ultimately all about approval and attention of others. The trap of the glass.

The is why church leaders get into trouble. Ultimately, it is all about the approval of man and we don’t challenge people to live the life that God has called them to live.

This is why leaders of huge organizations don’t survive over the long hall. They are so busy serving themselves that they lose the loyalty of the very ones they are supposed to serve.

This is why men and women have affairs. People look to someone outside their marriage to validate them and make them feel whole. People hold up the glass and portray this pretend image of themselves to others.

You see, the glass is jaded and blurry as well. It really doesn’t show the real person. Rather it hides behind a false self that begs for someone else to fill the emptiness, for someone else to attempt to define who we truly are.

This is the glass, and its weight will one day crush you, and in the end will eventually cut you into pieces. If you don’t believe me and you are on this path, just keep down that track and see where you end up. We simply weren’t created to live that way.

We were not created to hold up the glass that points to ourselves. We were instead created to hold up a big giant mirror that cries out, “It’s not about me!”

The mirror.

When we live with the mirror, we can help people change forever.

When we live with the mirror, we can help others find their true self.

When we live with the mirror, we don’t depend on our brain or our brawn.

Instead we depend on the reflection in the mirror that points us back to who were are ultimately called to be.

So what are you going to choose?


Or Mirror?

I hope you make the right choice.

My Kids Didn’t Choose This

Let me start by saying, that I am an imperfect parent with tons of flaws.
I mess up often and do dumb things all the time.
I make our 3yr old cry all the time.
Not on purpose of course.

Still, our kids didn’t choose to be born in my family, in well-off middle America with imperfect, yet consistently present parents (Their mom is way more consistent, ha).
They didn’t choose to live in a house with values, respect & a stable & safe environment.

I met some kids at the juvenile detention center in Oklahoma City recently.
Let me know if you want to go there and visit.
The kids I met didn’t choose their parents either.
They didn’t choose to be born in a city (Oklahoma City) where the violent crime rate in 2010 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 129.78%.

They didn’t know they were going to grow up in a state where 70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes (U.S. Dept. of Justice).

Sure, they did choose to make some bad decisions that led to their arrival to the County Juvenile Center. Nonetheless, I’ve talked with these kids.
I’ve heard their horror stories of what it is like to grow up moving around from foster shelter to foster home and around and around the cycle goes.

Many end up in the Juvenile Center because they are bored and got into trouble. Check out my friend Akin.
Some were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.
One I heard of was just really hungry, so he took some food.
Others just don’t care any more and make one bad decision after another. Most of them end up getting sucked into the prison system, don’t graduate high school & end up stuck in a vicious lifetime cycle of poverty.

I would say most of them lack one thing.
Want to know what it is?
A loving adult who cares about them intensely and shows up consistently in their life.

More than anything, they just need someone who encourages them and believes in them.

That’s what they need.
That’s what Akin needed.
And that’s what every other kid needs.

So here’s my next question.
Could you do that?
Could you show up in the life of a kid in your city in a way that matters?
Could you give up something comfortable, like a little of your time?
I believe you can.
And I believe their life could be changed.
And yours would never be the same.

So think about mentoring a kid.
Need help along the way or know someone who would be willing to mentor?
Rewrite Mentor Training coming on July 31 in Edmond, OK.
Check out this vid for more info.

Comments? Questions? Love to hear them!