What Athletes Can Teach Us About Recovery

We can learn a lot about life and health from professional athletes. Athletes realize the vital importance of recovery and rest. Let me explain.

For the rest of us… With iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, texting, wifi, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (the lost could go on), let’s just say it is tough to unplug and rest up. The average worker/dad/wife/person “checks in” every hour or so in the evening and throughout the weekend, rarely turning off the world and unplugging from the expected rat race. Heck, you can even trade foreign stocks in the middle of the night if you feel the need!

The side-effects of staying plugged in are endless: poor health, exhaustion, anxiety, depression. This list goes on as well.

There is so much value in disciplining one’s self to turn off the every day and be renewed. Just look at the professional athlete. Recovery is a HUGE part of maintaining performance and success over the long haul. Athletes that learn to rest and recover after extensive training build muscle, renew their tired minds, and ultimately come back for the next training session stronger, fresher and ready to perform. Athletes that don’t learn to recover well overtrain, get hurt or burn out.

So if you are tired all the time, burned out, anxious or having a hard time recovering, maybe you need to draw a line in the sand. Maybe you need to learn from the pros about the importance of rest and recovery. Maybe you need to unplug!

How do you recover? What tips do you have for unplugging and restoring your energy levels?

What Inspires You?

Everyone has different sources of inspiration. For some
it is people. Others are inspired by going places or reading certain things. Some are inspired by art or movies or a sunset. Inspiration is a BIG deal and fills us up spiritually, emotionally, relationally and even physically.  The most impacting individuals in history were able to create, lead and innovate all because they were inspired to do so.

So….What Inspires YOU? We are all unique and have different sources of inspiration. Let’s hear em!

GiveAway: $5 for a One Month Boot Camp

The Deal.
We are basically giving away (for $5) a month long Boot Camp at Camp Gladiator’s new location in Southwest Fort Worth, meeting at the Fort Worth Academy location (below)! Camp Gladiator is the fastest growing boot camp in the country with over 70 locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (Coming soon to San Antonio, Oklahoma & Los Angeles), and one camp is a $170 value. To enter to win, leave a comment below with your email address so we can contact you if you win. Then, share this post on Facebook and/or Twitter: GiveAway: $5 for a 1 Month Boot Camp in SW Fort Worth! New Location & 5:45pm time, Enter 2 WIN: http://bit.ly/kgdNSv We will pick a random winner by July 4th, the launch date of the new camp.

The Rules.
1. The $5 Camp applies to new campers only. 2. The Camp must be redeemed personally for the new July 2011 Southwest Fort Worth location, which begins July 4th and meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:45pm at Fort Worth Academy off Bryant Irvin. 3. Campers will have access to all six Fort Worth locations for the month of July and over 70 CG locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The new Southwest Fort Worth location.

Camp Gladiator will be meeting at the Fort Worth Academy school, south of I-20 off of Bryant Irvin Road. Fort Worth Academy is located at 7301 Dutch Branch Road in Fort Worth, Texas 76132. The other five CG times and locations in the Fort Worth area are listed HERE.

About Camp Gladiator.

CG20 DFW from campGladiator on Vimeo.

The Trainer
Macy Missildine is a Cooper Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and a Health and Wellness Specialist. She has been a trainer and leader in personal fitness over the last 10 years and has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their fitness goals and live the life they were created to live. Macy is passionate about Camp Gladiator and loves building a community of like-minded individuals that have common goals in the area of physical fitness and fun!

Ok, leave a comment below to enter for the $5 Boot Camp Give Away! Don’t forget to help out by sharing this post on your social networks: GiveAway: $5 for a 1 Month Boot Camp in SW Fort Worth! New Location & 5:45pm time, Enter 2 WIN: http://bit.ly/kgdNSv

10 Reasons Twitter Is Like A Marathon

Everyone wants to have greater influence through social media: individuals, corporations, you name it.  Few realize that influence in the lives of others, particularly in social media avenues like Twitter, usually comes over time, not over night.  Those that really get this are able to position themselves in the long haul for significant impact.  I run marathons and know that it requires much from a person (I actually wrote this post through a voice recognition app on my iPhone while running).  Here are 10 Reasons Twitter is Like a Marathon:

1. You have to start somewhere. You can’t run a marathon on your first day off the couch! Twitter is the same way. Just get going!  If you aren’t in the Twitter game, just get started. Here is how.

2. Determine what you are trying to accomplish. Training for a marathon can be as simple as finishing 26.2 miles or it may be hitting a personal record.  Hitting a certain goal requires knowing what you are trying to do.  Look at Twitter the same way and ask, “What am I trying to accomplish?” Do you want to build new relationships? Promote social justice? Market your brand?  Determine what you are trying to accomplish, then make a plan and get after it.

3. Find your rhythm. Every marathoner finds their goal pace and learns to stick with it. Twitter is similar. Learn to find your rhythm with posts; everyone is different. I try not to post several things at once so I don’t wear myself or others out. Rhythm is good. Do you understand the flow of Twitter?

4. Discipline trumps passion in the end. Training for a marathon requires discipline. Twitter is the same way. Developing a consistent presence and following over time requires persistence and discipline. Stick with it and your influence will grow.

5. Quality beats quantity. Some marathoners focus on the number of miles and bore themselves and everyone else with the training. Miles are important, but you can train for a marathon with twice the intensity and run half as much. Intensity is just as important. Twitter is similar, post half as much with twice the quality posts and sustain your impact over time. Quality over quantity!

6. Rest is important. When training for a marathon, if your body does not have time to heal, you’ll injure yourself and burnout. Twitter is the same way. Take some time off every now and then and don’t overdue it!

7. Relationships are huge. Most of the best runners partner up with other runners and have a community of others to surround and support them.  Twitter is similar.  It is 100% relational.  Build friendships, learn from others, engage in conversation and have more fun and success in the end.  Here are some tips on finding a social media mentor, the 2010 way.

8. Get the right equipment. Marathon running requires good shoes (I’ve been through three pair this year) and other apparel and tools.  Twitter is the same way. Being effective requires having effective tools.  Get good Twitter tools to manage your account and make sense of the madness. Here are 111 Tools. 

9.  Respect the process. The people that try to go out and run 20 miles on their first day usually aren’t in the game very long. Twitter is similar. Influence comes over time; don’t mess up the process and try to be the next Ashton Kutcher by Tuesday.   Respect the process and build credibility over time.

10. Have fun! Marathon running will burn you out quickly if you don’t have fun with it. So will Twitter. Be yourself, don’t try to impress and have fun!

Any runners out there?  Love to hear from you in the comments… Twitter users, what has helped you stay in the Twitter game and be effective?   We would love to learn from you.

Free Boot Camp GiveAway ($170 value)

A lot of TheWayItCouldBe.com readers want to know more about my family and ask questions a lot about my amazing wife Macy and what she does. Curious people, this post is for you! She is beautiful, way smarter than me (doesn’t say much) and she will kick your tail. I’m serious. She is a Cooper Certified Personal Trainer and today I’m giving away a free boot camp to my wife’s Camp Gladiator in Fort Worth, Texas ($170 is the normal price for the first month, followed by $69-$100/month after the first month). Details below! It was recently voted the best fitness program by D Magazine and WFAA. Here is a brand new video that will fire you up about fitness…

CG Promo from campGladiator on Vimeo.

Ok, to win the free camp, here’s are a few rules:

1. Make sure you are available for the 4 week period to go to some boot camps in south Fort Worth at 5:30am, 9:30am or 6:15pm. All sessions are one hour long and most people will do 3-4 sessions per week. You will also be able to hit up 65+ other camps in the DFW area for free, viewable HERE.
2. The free camp is not transferable to someone else and needs to be redeemed by Monday, April 25th. The offer is only valid for new campers.

Ok, to win a camp, do this:

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We will randomly pick a winner from the comments early this week and contact you by email to let you know if you won. Ready, set, comment below!

More about campGladiator? Here is what Macy says… campGladiator is not a gym.. it’s not a fitness class or a running club. The only word that does justice to what we are is a “movement”.  A wave of positive energy that sweeps through a community, causing people to reconnect to who they used to be… who they were meant to be. A human being created to be part of the world around them. To be outside in the elements… running, jumping, crawling, sweating, competing, & believing… To be around other like minded individuals, working together to accomplish something for yourself. To be challenged.. the kind of challenge that comes from inside you. That place that wonders just how far you can go if you’d only let go. To be fearless. Realizing that the only true failure is not trying. campGladiator has a place because we reignite the flame that already burns within you. Dimmed from years of neglect, but still burning. Unleash the fire… join the movement…become a Gladiator…

Is Someone Getting the Best of You?

Is Someone Getting the Best of You? I’m giving away a free boot camp to my wife’s Camp Gladiator in Fort Worth, Texas ($170 is the normal price for the first month, followed by $69-$100/month after the first month). Check out the video below to see what Camp Gladiator is all about!  It was recently voted the best fitness program by D Magazine and WFAA. Is Someone Getting the Best of You? Details below… I’d love for you to share this post, even if you are not in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

Ok, to win the free camp, here’s are a few rules:

1. Make sure you are available for the 4 week period to go to some of the sessions at the AM camp at Forest Park. (It’s M/W/Friday from 9:30-10:30am in Fort Worth). You will also be able to hit up 65+ other camps in the DFW area, viewable HERE.
2. The free camp is not transferable to someone else and needs to be redeemed by Wednesday of this week.

Ok, to win a camp, do this:

1. Comment below and let us know if you’d like to be considered for the free camp and why you are ready to check it out in Fort Worth this week.
2. Share this post on Facebook and/or Twitter: I just entered to win a free month at the best boot camp in DFW! from @chadmissildine http://bit.ly/FTWBCamp

We will randomly pick a winner from the comments early this week and contact you by email to let you know if you won. Ready, set, comment below!

How to Have Red Bull Energy w/out the Red Bull

So people ask me all the time, “Chad, where in the world do you get all your energy??” I usually reply, “Crack.”  Then I come back and actually give them the meaningful tips listed below about how I manage and maintain consistent energy levels.  None are revolutionary.  All are tough to maintain.  Here is How to Have Red Bull Energy Without the Red Bull. Drink it up and share it with your friends!

1. Work out. You don’t have wear tight pants, be named Bruno, drink raw eggs or have a gym membership.  Just do something active to push yourself!  Every minute you exercise multiplies the energy you’ll have later that day! Move baby move.  Decide to work out several times a week (Here are 8 Tips).

2. Listen to your body. When you get tired, rest. This could be 15 minutes or half a day. Your body will tell you when it needs to rest if you learn to listen to it’s cues. If you are getting sick a lot, this is your body’s way of saying, “Hey Big Time, pipe it down a notch.”

3. Take a day off each week. Recent scientific studies show that one complete day of physical and mental rest each week is one of the best things humans can do for renewing their minds and bodies. It seems like I heard this somewhere before.  Hmmmm… (Sabbath).  For me, this is a day out of the week that I am reminded that I’m not in control and have access to the Ultimate Energy Source.  It sets my mind, soul and body in their proper place.

4. Get off caffeine and sugar. You can live off carve & sugars for awhile, but the highs & lows will eventually leave your body drained of energy.  Start by drinking a little less coffee each day, then switch to decaf. Instead of high carb sugar snacks, go for a handful of trail mix or fruit. Eventually, your energy levels will be more consistent. If I get sleepy during the day, I’ll get outside and walk around or do push-ups to wake myself up.  It may sound crazy, but it works!

5. Work hard. Play hard. Pretty simple. Working long hours does not equate to productivity (Why You’re Not Working At Work). I know guys that work crazy hours and spend half of their time online or goofing off. When you are at work, go hard & leave it at work. When you are off the clock, whatever that may mean for you, go totally off the clock. When you learn the art of relaxation, you will have energy to go change the world!

Ok, what other tips do you have for developing high levels of consistent energy?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

How Far Will You Go?

How far will you go before your life gets out of hand?

I took some drugs today. Specifically, I got a steroid shot.

Steroids mimic the action of the adrenal glands, the body’s most powerful regulator of general metabolism.

Why drugs you ask? So I have a bad habit of running long distances in the cold and I get respiratory infections in the winter a lot.

Supposedly, my Dr. gives me the shot to minimize my body’s automatic inflammatory response, cutting back on fluid build up in order to help keep my lungs free of fluid collection and respiratory distress.

I don’t want to die. Enough fluid in your lungs can actually kill you over time, with your lungs failing to oxygenate the rest of your body. So before things get too bad, I get the steroid shot (and run indoors). 

What’s the point? Well, here is a good question for all of us:  how far will you let something go in your body, your life, your relationships before it takes you down?   How far will you allow that habit to perpetuate?  How far will you allow that relationship to dissolve? How far will you allow your life to get off track before you wake up?  What starts out as small can slowly build momentum and wreck your life.

Only you can answer this one…thoughts?  Love to hear them in the comments below…

Notice Mark McGuire is going sleeveless.  You may enjoy this post: Should Dudes Go Sleeveless?

A Towel, Prayer or Sermon, What is Needed the Most?

hungryIn Eastern Europe people of all walks of life live as though it could be their last meal. Thousands walk the streets in search of belonging and surviving.  It tells us of the injustice in our world, that even kids could be born into poverty and not have a chance really.   Even in my city, little ones might not be warm enough at home or have food every day, so their education becomes an afterthought, survival takes a front seat.  Others are strapped with diseases, addictions, hardships, you name it.

What does the church do about it? For some, a lot.  A sad thing in the past is when churches say this:  “We will pray for them and preach the gospel.”  Man, I don’t think prayer is bad at all.  In fact, I believe it is the starting point and everything hinges around that very thing.  Still, if the effort stops there, it seems like we fall short.  I don’t think preaching the gospel is bad either.  In fact, I believe if we’re not doing that, we are still falling short and missing the point.  Seems to be a third ingredient missing though….  Maslow may have been on to something when he said people have basic needs that must be met before they can worry about other needs.  Not sure.

There is a school I know of with a huge church next door.  We asked the school what the church has done to reach out to the school and they said basically, “come in and preach the gospel to the kids, then roll out.”  Really?  Again, its not that doing so is wrong or whatever, it just seems incomplete to me.

I think back to the story where Jesus is teaching thousands of people out in the countryside and the people are so into what he is saying that they are there all day, with no food.  His team comes to him and says, “lets send these guys away so they can go eat.”  Jesus looks at them and basically says, “you feed them.”  They take what small resources they have, pray about it, and next thing you know every one gets fed. Is he saying that the people have a physical need as well as a spiritual need? Looks like it.

Three ingredients seem important:  sharing the good news of the message of Christ, praying and meeting people’s physical needs.    Take out the gospel and you just have a social service.  Take out prayer and there is no power or often even provision.  Take out the physical need and we totally miss it.  It’s like in high school when I tried to make cookies and didn’t have flour, they just don’t taste the same!

So what does this look like in life? I’m not sure really.  But it could mean the guy at the bank whose marriage is falling apart may need help with his marriage.  The single mom down the street may just need someone to help her with her car so she can get to work.  The kid in the neighborhood may need a coat to make it through the cold night since his parents can’t afford to turn on the heat.

What can you do this week to help meet someone else’s need?  What if you prayed for a way to multiply the limited resources you have?  What if a door was opened up for you to then share the hope of Jesus?

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

What’s Your Addiction?

ProducerSaneThis is a rewind post from the Fall, hope you enjoy:  What’s your addiction?  Mine is being a producer.  I thrive on getting it done, being the first one, leading the pack.  Go, go, go.  Get…it….done.  My little 2yo old takes after dad.  Go.  Go.  Go.  Crash!  She literally runs circles in her room before crashing sound asleep in her bed in a few seconds.  I think it’s just being two…  Dad is the same way though.  Ha….sad but true: most of the time it takes a sickness or neglecting someone close to me to learn to turn it off.  I’m actually speaking on focus and time management this week in Oklahoma City, because it is an area I’ve had to work on so much.  If you are a go-getter like me and have a difficult time slowing down, here are a few tips:

  1. Set boundaries.  Turn it off: the phone, the computer, all of it.  Try not to take it home.  Your kids need you; your spouse or close friends need you.  They don’t need you and all your job responsibilities too.  They really just want you!
  2. Set a calendar.  We can master professional calendars, but often neglect other more important things like our faith, family and friends.  Put your personal priorities on the calendar too!
  3. Set priorities.  What is more important to you, success at work or at home?  The world or your family?  Think about it and don’t let the world set priorities for you.
  4. Set accountability.  Who can hold you up to taking a break?  Get accountability and tell them about it.  Ask for specific follow up.  Example: ”Will you check in with me via text once a week and ask me how I’m doing?”
  5. Set your heart right.  Who are you trying to impress?  Seriously.  If it’s me, I’m not impressed.  Someone who didn’t give you acceptance growing up?  Yourself? If your self worth is based on your ability to be a producer, you are in for major disappointment later in life.
  6. Set a Sabbath.  We’ve been trying really hard to take a weekly day off.  Mine has been on Fridays (in case you’ve tried to holler at me on a Friday and realized I’m AWOL).   What an awesome time to realign your goals and priorities and get some rest. Check out- Get Busy Resting: 7 Reasons You Should Rest Today

Go to HERE to watch a message called How to Be an Addict; it will blow you away!  So how about you, what’s your addiction?  Have you overcome one?  How did you do it?

If you dig TheWayItCouldBe.com, subscribe by email above by clicking the envelope icon. 

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