7 Ways To Turn ONLINE Influence Into OFFLINE Impact

We read a lot about the continued rising popularity of social media sites like blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and how these ONLINE tools can be utilized for a wild variety of purposes.  We also hear the opposite- that social media can be a time suck for many and that we may even be in for a Social Crash at some point (Chris Brogan).

We know for some of us, time spent ONLINE can have little effect in our OFFLINE lives (or even a negative effect).  One argument against social media is that every second, minute or hour ONLINE on Twitter or elsewhere is a second, minute or hour we are not spending OFFLINE in our lives.

While I realize the dangers of living behind social media veils, I do believe we can learn to have a healthy ONLINE balance and even do some good in the OFFLINE world.  Here are 7 Ways To Turn ONLINE Influence Into OFFLINE Impact:

1. Create quality content. With literally millions of blogs and tens of thousands of new social media users each day, there is a lot of mediocrity out there and even more straight junk. Give people a reason to read your stuff over all the other content out there (the white sea of noise that is social media).

2. Create an audience. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Not in Social media! You can create all kinds of good content, but if you dont have an audience, the only one admiring your work will be your mom (cause she has to) and your cat (cause you feed her). Utilize your network of relationships to
build an audience.

3. Be authentic. In addition to good content, people want to get to know you. Use good judgment, but be honest about who YOU really are. Be open. Be you. Be authentic and people will want to mirror your example both online and off.

4. Engage your followers. At the risk of stating the obvious, your followers are real people. Real offline lives, real offline needs, real passions.  Talk to them.  Have a conversation.  Turn the mega phone around every now and then and listen to what people are saying.  Listening is one of the MOST important things you can do learn in regards to leading others!  Engage, engage, engage your followers and you will earn trust and make them want to respond to your calls for action.

5. Make raving fans. Add value to the lives of your followers by meeting a need that they may have.  Honor them by going over and above to give them killer quality experience when they engage with you online.  Make them laugh.  Make them cry.  Make them feel normal.  Make them think about life offline.  Make them raving fans.

6. Find offline opportunities for impact. Without real, offline opportunities for impact, you are simply spinning your wheels! Get out in the community, identify a need, then figure out what is needed to meet that need.

7. Give a call to action. If you want to have offline impact, you must give consistent calls to action. you Have to lead your online audience to take an action step and do something. Even if you are just challenging others belief system, always give some sort of call to action.

Ok, so here’s MY call to action: Use your online influence this week to have some sort of offline impact. It may be leading someone to help someone, treat a friend differently, create awareness around a cause, whatever. If you decide on something specific that you will do as a result of reading this post, drop a line in the comments and let us know about it!  What are other ways to turn online influence into offline impact?

  • Brandon Cox says:

    I’m especially passionate about #6. I’ve made so many vital connections with people by clicking a couple of links and finding a phone number and calling someone. You’re spot on!

    • Chad says:

      Thanks Brandon, I can tell #6 is something you work with diligently. It is often a challenge for me, but I am trying more and more to get into the world’s of people offline.

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